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Postal Tubes

Postal tubes are greatly used for sending paintings, documents and other precious documents without any fold and tearing and ensure more security to it. These high quality postal tubes ensure better protection to your paintings.
10 x A0 Postal Tubes - 885x45mm (35x2") + End Caps
From £5.35 (Ex. VAT)
10 x A1 Postal Tubes - 630x45mm (25x2") + End Caps
From £4.55 (Ex. VAT)
10 x A2 Postal Tubes - 460x45mm (18x2") + End Caps
From £4.25 (Ex. VAT)
10 x A3/A4 Postal Tubes - 330x45mm + End Caps
From £2.95 (Ex. VAT)