Tape - Seal It Securely and Perfectly

We use packaging tapes for various purposes at homes, offices, and in the industries. It is very important to choose the right packaging tape in order to ensure secure and perfect sealing of boxes.

All types of packaging tape:

MS Packaging is one of the best suppliers of all types of packaging tape. You could choose between polypropylene or vinyl tapes, depending upon your requirements.

If you require packaging tape for regular uses, then the polypropylene ones will be perfect for you. Not only are the strong enough for regular packaging, they are also available for cheap prices. Vinyl tapes are generally used for heavy-duty packaging in the industries. They are stronger and are provided with extra adhesive strength.

We supply a wide range of masking tapes to warehouses, factories, businesses, and storage facilities. They are generally available in clear, white, brown, and gray colors.

Customized prints:

In addition to the regular tapes for commercial and industrial purposes, we also present you with the option of getting them printed according to your preferences. For example, you could have your business logo printed on the tapes. You can check out our Printed Packaging Tape web page, for purchasing the tapes that are personalized with the prints of your choice.

Also, if you are unable to find the exact size of the tape on our listings above, you could order for the bespoke tapes according to sizes that will perfectly suit your requirements. We offer customizing options for very minimal charges, but please check the minimum quantity that you will need to purchase, in order to book for personalized orders.

Heavy-duty industrial tapes and specialist tapes:

We also supply heavy-duty tapes for specialist and industrial applications. Some of them are

• Hazzard marking or lane marking tape - They are generally used on floors or walls to mark the distinction between safe and dangerous areas.
• Black duct tape - For heavy-duty industrial packaging
• Double-sided tapes made from polyppropylene - This tape has the adhesive strength on both the sides, and is usually used for mounting crafts and artwork
• Silver duct tape - Heavy-duty industrial packaging tape
• Masking tape for general purposes - This type of tape is used almost anywhere, and you can easily split it with your hands and use them conveniently.
• Paper tapes - These types of tapes are used for covering sensitive surfaces like the freshly painted walls

Black and silver duct tapes are used in the industries for heavy-duty packaging. They are waterproof products, and they have layers of cloth which gives them extra durability.

Don't forget to check out our tape dispenser section on our website for a wide range of dispensers.