House Moving Removal Set No 5 (65 Cardboard Boxes + Materials)

Product Code: HMK2
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Description :

House moving kit suitable for moving house or flat. This kit will save you money with multiple sized boxes both double wall and single wall and other useful items that would otherwise cost alot to purchase separately. Full list of items are as follows:

10 x Double Wall 24x18x18" Boxes
10 x Single Wall 25x19x22" Boxes
10 x Single Wall 18x12x10" Boxes
20 x Single Wall 12x9x9" Boxes
25 x Single Wall 12x9x4" Boxes
100 Sheets White Acid Free Tissue Paper 450x700mm
20 Metres of 500mm Small Bubble Wrap
10 Black refuse sacks
3 Rolls of Standard Brown Tape
1 Marker Pen

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