Book Wraps

New range of cardboard wrap-around mailers. These boxes are made from high quality corrugated cardboard, and are depth adjustable when wrapping. All contain red ‘peel and seel’ strips for easy construction, and a ‘rippa’ strip for your customer to rip open with ease once the product reaches them. Book Wrap Boxes. Book Wrap Boxes are available to order in different sizes, ranging from smallest boxes to largest size. Perfect for multiple DVDs and books. All book wraps have a "peel & seal" strips for easy use.
10x C1 Size Book Wraps 216x154x55mm ( 10pcs per pack)
From £6.65 (Ex. VAT)
10x C2 Size Book Wraps 260x175x70mm ( 10pcs per pack)
From £8.15 (Ex. VAT)
10x C3 Size Book Wraps 311x240x50mm ( 10pcs per pack)
From £10.15 (Ex. VAT)
10x C4 Size Book Wraps 326x245x70mm ( 10pcs per pack)
From £12 (Ex. VAT)