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Single Wall Boxes

Standard Single Wall Cardboard Boxes
The single wall boxes are ideal for pack and store your products with these great value single wall cardboard boxes. These lightweight single wall cardboard boxes are also used for general shipping and warehouse uses. The self-assembly corrugated boxes are usually used as removal boxes or moving house boxes due to their durability. All sizes shown are the internal dimensions: Length x Width x Height. Complete range of single wall boxes are available in this section
3"x3"x3" (75x175x75mm)
From £0.24 (Ex. VAT)
12"x9"x4" (305x229x102 mm)
From £0.29 (Ex. VAT)
22"x14"x14" (575x370x365mm)
From £0.75 (Ex. VAT)
24"x18"x18" (610x457x457mm)
From £2.55 (Ex. VAT)
25"x19"x22" (635x477x565mm)
From £2.7 (Ex. VAT)
4"x4"x4" (102x102x102 mm)
From £0.25 (Ex. VAT)
5"x5"x5" (127x127x127 mm)
From £0.23 (Ex. VAT)
6"x6"x6" (152x152x152 mm)
From £0.23 (Ex. VAT)
7"x5"x5" (178x127x127 mm)
From £0.19 (Ex. VAT)
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